Grace Bible Academy is a Christian school located in Winchester, Kentucky.  This fall, we began with our kindergarten program and will continue adding grades each year and grow with this kindergarten class as the Lord leads us with the intent of offering a full education from kindergarten through high school.  

One of the benefits at Grace Bible Academy and our afterschool program is our smaller class sizes.  We are committed to keeping our class sizes smaller to provide a better learning environment for all of our students.  With smaller class sizes, we have an opportunity to work with children individually to ensure they are developing and mastering the skills they will need to be successful as they progress academically.

At Grace Bible Academy, the Lord is first.  We begin each day with prayer, we pray at all of our meals, we have Bible time daily, and we have chapel weekly.   We are trying to lay the foundation that is in Jesus Christ and we will build on that foundation as our students mature.  Our desire is to not only see students succeed academically, but for them to thrive spiritually. 

Grace Bible Academy also offers afterschool child care for students of Justice Elementary, Conkwright Elementary, and Baker Intermediate and full day care for elementary school students of Clark County when school is not in session (i.e. for fall break, spring break, summer break, and snow days). We offer homework help during the school year, opportunities for quiet and active play, fun art projects, music, and other fun activities! You can see more images from our program on our Facebook page here.

Please email us at or call 859-737-4722 with any questions.



Please print and complete enrollment packet.  You can bring completed packet to Grace Bible Church during hours of operation (7:00am-6:00pm).
*Enrollment and Book fees are due at time of enrollment


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