Children's Ministry

Last updated on January 24, 2015
Children’s Ministry
In the Children's Sunday school we currently have 4 classes being offered. Each class is taught straight from the Bible with instruction on how to apply the bible in the children's everyday lives. Each class is based on the children’s age and gender.

Boys grades 1-6. This class is learning Biblical principles and how to be Jesus loving young men. With and added treat to this class the boys are learning how to responsibly sharpen knives and tie knots. This class is being taught by Mr. Barry Bolar.

Girls grades 1-5. This class is currently going through the Women of the Bible. The girls are being taught that God uses girls in very special ways. They are also working on special crafts that they can keep for themselves or share with a friend. This class is being taught by Mrs. Andrea Poe and Mrs. Angie Huff

Boys grades 7-8. This is a class for middle school boys who aren't quite ready for the youth group. At this time they are reading through the entire New Testament together. This is a class where the young men are learning more about Jesus and how to begin the journey to becoming Godly men. This class is being taught by Mr. Craig Poe with the help of Mr. Steve Huff.

Girls grades 6-7. This class is also going through the Bible to learn more about God's will for their lives. They are learning responsibilities of Christian Women as taught in the Bible. They are also doing a craft each Sunday to keep or pass along. This class is taught by Mrs. Mary Bolar.

We have a lot of different options at this time in Sunday school, but one thing is the same, we all love God and our main goal is to lead each one of our kids to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are teaching God's word straight from the Bible to help each child grow in His Word as well. We teachers feel we are called to teach by God to teach His word to the children of the church.