Grace Bible Academy Staff

At Grace Bible Academy, you will find a staff of experienced, highly trained educators that will provide an outstanding learning environment for your child.  Our director, Brandon Pence, has been in the field of early childhood education for 13 years - 5 previously as the director of Fannie Bush Elementary's afterschool program and 8 with the Child Care Council of Kentucky providing technical assistance and training for child care providers, helping child care providers get started, and learning the CCAP program as the supervisor of the call center for the state.  Our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. McKendree, recently graduated from UK with a bachelor's degree in family studies.  Ms. Stephanie operated a child care facility in her home and homeschooled her own children.  Our pastor, Lee Cruse, was the principal of Fannie Bush Elementary for 15 years and spent another 15 years as an educator. 

The experience of our staff sets us apart from other facilities.  Also, you will not find a more loving environment for your child.  We truly believe that God has made each child unique and we want to help train them up in the Lord to recognize their full potential and better utilize the talents and the gifts the Holy Spirit has provided them.

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