Proverbs 31:10: "Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies."

Proverbs 31:27-28, 30: "She watches over the ways of her household. Her children rise up and call her blessed … But a women who fears the Lord, she shall be praised."

There are many relationships in life and they are all precious to us but there is something different about the relationship of a mother. When a women comes to the place that they are enlightened that God has given them this wonderful relationship of being a mom.

It is almost like a calling that you accept the role of mother. I know that it is a natural event to give birth and you are considered a mother because you gave birth. But when a women realizes what responsibility the Lord has called them too and they accept it, what a difference. It is like dropping a rock in a pond or lake and the ripples flow outward effecting all things around it.

I have seen big strong men break down to nothing with the voice of their mother. Men who said they didn’t care about what people thought and yet were scared to death their mother would find out what they were doing.

I have seen women who were barely five foot tall and barely weighed a hundred pound and yet they carried so much influence over their sons.

We today live in a world where that kind of women is no longer the norm. The women who is independent, career minded, who would fit more on the cover of Cosmopolitan seems to be the norm.

There is nothing wrong with that kind of life style but if you are not careful you miss out on one of the greatest callings the Lord has for a women to be called mother.

I believe the devil and the world have tried to diminish or downgrade the role of being a mother. What a shame that we have allowed the lie that some believe the role of women or mother to be less than who God created them to be.

Is there any other greater calling than to pour your life into a boy or girl who calls you mom? To some day look and see a strong young man or refined young women standing before you. To know that you raised them up in  the admonition and the love of the Lord.

Of course, we need to realize that the reward for that kind of sacrifice of life will not be recognized in this life but in the next life to come.

Today, if you are fortunate to be raised by this kind of women, then you need to tell her how much you love her and appreciate her. Now comes the time in her life that she needs to see the fruits of her labors. For you her son or her daughter

should demonstrate how Christ lives in you, is there any greater reward that her children should rise up and call her blessed.

I can’t say this for sure but I believe that when we get to Heaven mothers will have a special place. Someone will ask what did she do on earth, well she was a mother and that person will be blown away, what an honor.

Pastor Lee Cruse, who looks forward to someday to be with his mother again in Heaven.